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The petition was signed by 230 people and submitted to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, thank you for your support!

Find more information below, or download the letter that was sent here.

Petition to support the creation of a comprehensive, consistent, open-source well database, for the entirety of The Netherlands

The undersigned members of the Geoscience Community support the creation of a Digital Well Database for all publicly-released well data in The Netherlands, and this be done in such a manner that facilitates data mining with the latest Machine Learning techniques. The new well database with cleaned-up, standardized well logs, geologic information and drilling engineering data must be readily available to the public and needs to be maintained after its launch. The intent is to expand and build further on the databases already generated by e.g. TNO and EBN in cooperation with these institutes.

We support the plan initiated by dGB Earth Sciences and PanTerra GeoConsultants to harmonize the Netherlands Well data in alignment with The Open Group OSDU Forum data platform Technical Standard - a widely supported open-source initiative within the Energy sector.

We strongly recommend putting this item "Digital Well Database" on the innovation agenda "Innovation Agenda Geothermal Energy" , of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, because this will:

  • Reduce economic risks of geothermal and oil & gas projects
  • Accelerates Geothermal development
  • Can be used by all Dutch Geothermal and O&G operators and other stakeholders
  • Stimulate Machine Learning R&D
  • Provide a cloud-based, modern database for business, academic and educational purposes
  • Add value to The Netherlands’ well database
  • Increase the safety and speed of drilling operations
  • Reduce uncertainties in reservoir / aquifer predictions
  • Machine Learning can fill data gaps in wells with limited data (old wells or geothermal wells with incomplete logging runs), especially in areas/zones with limited data
  • Reduce time for geological evaluations and make interpretations more consistent
  • Improve the constraints for fracture modeling

View the letter that was sent to the Ministry.


dr. ir. Paul de Groot
Co-founder dGB Earth Sciences

dr. ir. Paul de Groot - dGB Earth Sciences Paul holds a MSc and a PhD in Geophysics. He started his career with Shell in research, seismic processing, quantitative data analysis, seismic interpretation and E&P software support. After this he was a research geophysicist at TNO Institute of Applied Geosciences. In 1995 he co-founded dGB Earth Sciences, the company behind OpendTect, the world’s only open source seismic interpretation system.

Greg van de Bilt
Managing Director PanTerra Geoconsultants

Greg van de Bilt Greg founded PanTerra Geoconsultants and has led the company as Managing Director since then. Greg holds an MSc Geology and an MBA. His goal is to build PanTerra as a first class service provider to the international energy industry with a reputation for technical excellence and professional integrity.